Credere employs a Catalyst driven arbitrage strategy which takes advantage of opportunities across a corporation’s securities  using in-house proprietary databases and models combining quantitative and qualitative overlay and robust research.


It involves finding the mispricing of hybrid securities around soft catalysts such as rights issues, dividends, new capital raises and ‘change-of-control’ events. Credere focuses on liquid and easy to value strategies. It is non-directional and has low correlation to both the credit and equity markets.

Credere enters into bespoke and technically demanding trades. Historically they were the territory of banks. However, since the changes in financial regulation the barriers involved in operating in this space have meant that banks have moved away. This strategy not only requires significant technical expertise and global market insight, but also calls for strong institutional relationships with counterparties.


Unlike the large multi-strategy funds, Credere is unconstrained by traditional silos, allowing us the flexibility to optimise our search for alpha generating opportunities. Credere focuses on the most attractive opportunities and segments of the market using a wide range of complex securities such as hybrid securities, corporate bonds, convertible bonds with warrants, mandatory bonds, derivatives, preferred, trust structures and positions are usually set up with an associated hedge. Credere is a Global fund.