Why invest in the Trium Credere Fund?

Pedigree manager with good track record 

- CIO Oliver Dobbs is a seasoned, well known, senior hedge fund professional with 30 years’ of market experience including >10 years as a CIO and senior portfolio manager at 3 leading hedge fund firms; Tribeca, CQS and BlueCrest

- Proven track record of generating meaningful returns, whilst simultaneously protecting downside risk


Timely and Differentiated strategy

- CIO, Oliver Dobbs is targeting 10-15% returns whilst being low volatility, non-directional and liquid and exhibiting low correlation to credit and equity markets

- The arbitrage strategy looks for the mispricing of hybrid securities around soft catalysts such as rights issues, dividends, new capital raises and change of control events

- The opportunity is derived from an increase in bank regulation and a supply/demand imbalance in related markets resulting from a fundamental shift in bank appetite

- The opportunity is currently in cash credit, volatility and structured trades

Technical trading and portfolio construction capability 

- Credere has a highly disciplined approach to sourcing, evaluating and executing opportunities

- We are able to capitalise on this due to our understanding of risk and our technical understanding of complex credit derivative markets

- Our team has built an extensive network of counterparties over 30 years of global market participation